A 95 Year Old Stranger – How He Inspired Me

You know how every so often you happen to encounter a special individual who fills you with awe and a fresh perspective on life? Well, that happened to me recently.

A couple of weeks ago we returned from a (very relaxing and enjoyable) cruise holiday to Spain and Portugal. Part of the cruising experience is making conversation with your fellow passengers and we did indeed chat and get to know some pleasant and interesting people. However, one particular person held greater fascination to me than any other…

One afternoon, my parents-in-law kindly offered to look after our kids so that my husband and I could experience the Afternoon Tea in the formal dining room. On arrival, we were allocated a table adjacent to an elderly gentleman seated alone. Shortly after we were served delectable little crabmeat sandwiches and the most amazing, homemade sausage rolls in the world. Then the man looked up from his own plate of delectable goodies, smiled at us and enquired whether this was our first trip on that particular cruise ship. We replied that it was, to which he informed us (with a hint of pride) that it was his fourth voyage on the ship…this year!

He added that he was hoping to book an additional cruise holiday for the Christmas and New Year period. He affirmed that he always travels alone and enjoys the feeling of being well provided for and having minimal worries on a cruise holiday. As did I, I hasten to add: it was sheer heaven not having to think about cooking any meals or wash clothes for twelve blissful nights.

Appreciate What You Have

With a shadow of sadness on his well-lined face, the man confided that he had been travelling a lot since his wife passed away three years ago. He told us wistfully that he counted himself very fortunate to have been married to a wonderful woman for over seventy years, most of them enjoyed in good health and the last few he nursed her at home after she developed terminal cancer. He recounted proudly how their friends and acquaintances had all scoffed that their relationship would not last when they initially united. They had the last laugh though when they received messages from the Queen after 50, 60 and finally 70 years of marriage.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

Looking directly at my husband Paul, the gentleman proclaimed that his secret to a happy marriage was to keep his wife happy and give her whatever she asked for, wherever possible, and always making her wellbeing and happiness his top priority. After his late wife reportedly experienced “a bad time” giving birth to their only child, he was adamant that she would not suffer in the same way again or put her life at risk attempting a second birth.

Be Spontaneous and Take Chances

He recounted how he and his wife once went for a week-long holiday to Torquay in Devon. On passing a small hotel with a ‘for sale’ sign displayed outside, his wife quickly became excited and animated about the prospect of buying and running this hotel. Her enthusiasm proved to be infectious, because they went ahead and bought it and instantly handed in their resignation letters to their respective workplaces. This was despite a complete lack of any experience in running a hotel, I was told! That story did resonate with me and made me decide to be open to more opportunities to be spontaneous and follow my gut instinct. Granted, this is not as easy as it used to be now that I have three small children, but you never know what is around the corner and if something piques my interest I aim to at least consider trying it rather than immediately ruling it out.

Travel and See The World

This particular gent said himself that he had left it late in life to travel the world and see the sights on cruise ships spanning the continents. Ruefully, he expressed regret that he and his wife had not travelled more extensively when they were younger and both in good health. His bank balance was apparently “very healthy” but our physical health cannot ever be assumed in the future. I must admit that since losing my own dear father prematurely five years ago and gaining more of a sense of my own mortality, I have felt greater resolve to travel and enjoy nice holidays even with young kids in tow. I know I would regret leaving it too late and missing out on the chance if my (or my husband’s) health later failed.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Despite the sad circumstances of having to travel alone after losing his wife three years previously, the man presented as fairly upbeat. He clearly enjoyed chatting to my husband and I and described his humble one-bedroom apartment that he called home (at least, when he wasn’t on one his many cruises!) with affection and explained that it met his needs perfectly. He mentioned simple pleasures that enhance his life such as playing bridge and doing the daily newspaper crossword.

Set a Goal

On revealing his impressive age of 95, the man curved his mouth into a smile and his eyes twinkled as he said that he really wanted to reach the age of 100 to receive an additional message from the queen. Perhaps that determination helps prolong his health for longer? It certainly got me thinking that if a 95-year old sets goals in his life, then it is worth those of us far younger being intentional about the things we desire to achieve the most and figure out the most effective way of attaining them.

We never even got around to exchanging names with that inspirational gentleman, yet somehow he made a lasting impression and has encouraged me to find a fresh appreciation for all that I have in my life. In particular, I include my marriage to my husband. We have recently marked our 10-year anniversary but I hope there will be many more decades of happiness for us.

How about you, reader? Have you met any inspirational older people and if so, which life lessons have you learned from them? Please do let me know in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “A 95 Year Old Stranger – How He Inspired Me

  1. Oh, Sarah – what a wonderful post ! How fortunate that your path crossed with such an inspirational person. I know what you mean about travel opening you up to meeting new people and learning from them. It also inspired me – and coincidentally my husband and I are attending an educational session here at our new community called “100+..how to live and thrive to 100 and beyond”. In our early and mid 60’s, my husband and I hope and pray to make it to 100 together.
    I have been inspired by several older people. One was my dear aunt who lived to almost 97…and on her own in a small apartment until just the last few months. She was single and spent most of her life being the housekeeper for her brother who was a parish priest. When he died we thought she would soon follow as she was so devoted. Not the case…she cherished her life, made new friends, moved, traveled, and took up ceramics ( soon I will be unpacking the ghost Halloween decoration she made me) and when we would visit her she would often be found crocheting lap robes for “the poor old people in the nursing homes” as member of Senior Volunteers. We were sure she was much older than the people she was making the robes for! Faith and family kept her going…she never missed a family function and embraced life. I try to learn from her example and she is often in my thoughts.
    The other person was a Holocaust survivor I had the honor of knowing in working as a school librarian with students on a history project. He was 91 when I met him….full of LIFE. Not bitter, grateful for the gifts he had been given, and telling the students to keep reading and learning something new every day. SO…good for you that you were given the gift of meeting this man…a guidepost for you to notice your blessings and enjoy life.
    Thank you for your blog posts!


    • What an interesting course that you are able to take part in Ann; I’ve truly never heard of similar ones here in the UK but they sound a great idea.
      Your aunt did indeed have an incredible attitude. Taking that sort of positive attitude towards life and embracing all it has to offer is so important.
      Thank you for your kind words and regular comments 😊


  2. What a wonderful, beautiful experience! Those are some of the absolute best moments whilst travelling – I love his outlook on life, it is so inspiring to read so to have experienced in real life 😍

    And also, a 12 day cruise sounds AMAZING! And how lovely that you got to enjoy it with your family 😊 are you going to write a post about it? Would you recommend doing a trip like that again? I’m deciding where to take my mum in a few years and a cruise ship is definitely an option!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I agree, you come across some amazing characters while travelling who really make you think.
      Yes the cruise was awesome thanks and I’d really recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a confined space at all as the ships are huge with non stop activities if you so choose to partake. Most of all, I loved being surrounded by the sea all the time, found it so relaxing and it’s wonderful to wake up in a different place most days, almost like magic!x


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