Decorating for Christmas (while also redecorating the living room…)

When do you feel the urge to deck the halls in your home? As an unspoken rule, the Christmas decorations make an appearance in our house on the last weekend in November. My husband and I have generally found ourselves unable to resist sneaking them out at that point most years even pre-kids, but in recent years we inevitably resign ourselves to an early date to end the incessant tree requests from our three young, seasonally excited children!

This year, something has got a little in the way of festive trimming feeling like the carefree and straightforward event it usually is, though. On a whim, my husband and I decided to redecorate our living room a few weeks ago. I know, I know: who would make such a crazy decision at the end of November?!

tree scandi animals-2B38-4097-8BDD-9DA736536C21

The living room is the main space that gets prettied up for Christmas in our house. Our six-foot tall tree is always positioned in the corner living room (as this is about the only space it will fit). As the decorating won’t be completed for another couple of weeks, we mulled over the options before deciding to buy a second tree, (just a small 3 foot one) to rest on a coffee table in our family snug in the extension. As you can see in the pic, it is one of those snowy branch effect trees, which I have always hankered after. We soon faced a hurdle: to figure out how to wind the cumbersome lights around it. Ok, I should admit that they were only cumbersome because I accidentally ordered the twenty-metre light string instead of the two-metre string, oops. Still, once we (well in truth, it was mostly my husband) sorted it, the lights looked great switched on.

tree whole-48AB-9C15-63B45940B11D

Obviously, there is limited space to hang ornaments on a little three foot tall tree. So we just selected a few favourites and I indulged in buying a few new ones this year. There is a set of four whitewashed Scandi style woodland animals (a fox, rabbit, squirrel and hedgehog). I couldn’t resist the two fluffy penguins which were a steal at 69p each. Then when I returned some library books at the weekend, it just so happened that a Christmas fair was in full swing and I spotted these adorable knitted characters, a toy soldier and a Santa. Only a pound each for something handmade is a bargain in my book.

tree soldier-EA89-4B67-AD7D-DD3516BC41AD

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way our tiny tree is bringing plenty of Christmas cheer to the room we are spending the most time in at the moment.

We also have our traditional musical animated fairground set on display. The kids are all mesmerised by this, even though it is the third Christmas running that we have had it. They sit and watch the coloured lights and moving rides for ages.


We have two rustic wreaths hung up inside, too. They look great in place of our usual pictures and the more traditional feel of them holds huge appeal for me at the moment. I don’t change our Christmas colour scheme or style much from year to year, as fast trends just don’t hold much appeal. There is a real nostalgic value in unpacking old favourite ornaments that haven’t been seen for almost a year and I would miss that if we simply bought all new decorations each year. Not to mention the wasteful aspect of doing so.

I will post pics of our refreshed living room as soon as it is completed. I can’t wait to get the full-size tree up in there, too.

Do please share pics of your Christmas decorations or tell me about them by adding a comment below. What sort of colour scheme and style do you favour? How early (or late!) do you tend to decorate. I would love to hear about it.

7 thoughts on “Decorating for Christmas (while also redecorating the living room…)

  1. Sarah – Your decorations are beautiful! Hope your living room remodel is finished and would love to see photos of the new look. You can see our decorations on my site…we decorate the day after Thanksgiving and leave everything out until January 2…then all goes away because our wedding anniversary is January 8th and I like that to be it’s own special day and not “Christmasy”…or to be a chore day of putting everything away. Christmas Blessings to you and your family….glad we found each other on the blogosphere!!!

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    • Thank you. Makes perfect sense that you take the decs down before your anniversary. It must be nice to have your anniversary to look forward to in the new year, too.
      I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas too.x


  2. What a sweet tree! I adore the frosted snow look.

    The one thing I’m missing about England atm and my family is Christmas – in my house in Indonesia we have NO decorations, and because it’s so hot here it doesn’t even feel like Christmas is in 4 days! We’re having a few dinners though, so hoping there will be some decorations for then, although I may end up spending more money on food as per!

    Do you ever make your own Christmas decorations?


    • Ah, that understandable that you’re feeling pangs for Christmas back home. Do many Indonesians celebrate it? Hopefully like you say the dinners will bring some festive cheer.

      No, I don’t really make my own decorations but there are a lot that the kids have created over the years hanging on the tree!

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      • Some Indonesians – the Christian ones, understandably. But where I’m based, there’s not much effort put into things like national holidays – not much decoration, festivals, etc. Ah well, it is what it is.

        And so sweet! I always find that so lovely.

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