About Sarah

Thirty-something  years young, I hail from eastern England, in a large town an hour away from London.

Happily married with three young children, I recently decided to start this to help identify and focus on the beauty and elegance of everyday life and create a record of observations relating to everyday living well.

I have long been a believer in savouring ‘les petit plaisirs’ of life. Life in continental Europe fascinates me, especially the Latin-based language speaking countries of Italy, France and Spain. Spending seven months aged eighteen as an au-pair living in Italy was a wonderful, pivotal experience and the chic Italian women I came into contact with, as well as the general Italian way of living, imparted a huge amount of  inspiration which has stayed with me. Naturally, I shall be sharing it with you!

There’s also a theme of self-development running through many of my posts, because being intentional about improving ourselves and our lives means that we are far more likely to achieve our optimal way of living.

Please do follow my blog by adding your email address to the sign-up box. New subscribers will receive a free printable self-care pack including 50 self-care tips and 12 positive affirmation cards. I intend to add new posts regularly with inspiration for living well on a budget in all aspects of life, with a distinctly European influence.